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My Mission is to provide "Mobile Dental Hygiene Services" to residents that need assistance with accessing traditional dental office settings around the Coastal, Inland and North County San Diego area. With care and compassion, my "Mobile Dental Hygiene Services" addresses the concerns of​ those with special needs through individualized "Dental Hygiene Treatment Planning".

-Jennifer Weeston, RDHAP


 Preventative and Therapeutic Services ​

My Services Help HomeBound Individuals that are in Residential Facilities, Private Homes, Assisted Living, Hospitals, and 55 Plus Communities.

Oral Health Services

Oral Health/Cancer Screenings

Restorative Evaluation

Nutritional Counseling

Preventative Services

Topical Fluoride Treatment

Prophy/Dental Cleanings

Oral Hygiene Instructions

Therapeutic Services

Scaling/Root Planning

Periodontal Maintenance

Denture Care

Specialist Referrals

DDS Dentist

Oral Surgeon

MD Doctor

"In More Ways than One, Improving the Lives' of those with Special Needs" 

​-Jennifer Weeston, RDHAP

My Preventative Services are here to enhance the public's understanding of Oral Health in the Relationship to the rest of the Body. Raising awareness of the importance of Oral Health can lead to minimizing Systemic and Oral Health Diseases.  

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